When was the last time you knew the Lord's delight so deeply that you served Him with this kind of gladness?

House of Gladness

A Place to Rediscover God's Delight
The Vision
To see passionate Christ-following leaders serving the Lord with gladness, in fruitful partnership with the Holy Spirit.

The Challenge
Ministry in a fallen world is difficult (even without a pandemic!). According to Barna Research, 38% of clergy seriously considered leaving pastoral ministry in 2021 because they were discouraged, wounded, confused, or in conflict. This may describe you! Weariness and pain can lead to ineffectiveness, helplessness, burnout, and moral failure.

The Opportunity
God has a better plan for pastors and their families. He intends for you to thrive, to know His delight, and to be fruitful as you serve the Lord with gladness; first, and foremost, in your marriage and family, then in your ministry. We envision passionate Christian leaders serving the Lord with gladness, in fruitful partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission
The mission of House of Gladness is to provide space for clergy, missionaries, and spouses to experience renewed passion, direction, and clarity for their marriages and ministries through healing and refreshment.

Our Approach
We believe that the process of lament (especially in community with others) brings profound healing and spiritual refreshment. By identifying the pain in our stories, bringing that pain to the Lord, and placing our pain in the context of the Lord's faithfulness in the past and his promises for the future, we are able to embrace hope and walk in faith. When done together with others, our companionship brings profound encouragement. 

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Here's What We Offer
through hosting in local homes, local recreation, care-filled listening, and encouraging conversations.

through shared meals, peer support, and on-going coaching as a cohort.

through worship, lament, intercession, prayer, and anointing.

through prayerful listening for the Holy Spirit's leading, insightful counsel, and discovering God's working in our stories.

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